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The Advanced Weaning Program for calves

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The Advanced Weaning Program for calves

Is feeding calves high levels of milk really the best way of producing lifetime performance?


A new way of using Axcelera-C


  • Save time and money
  • No growth check at weaning
  • Accelerated pre & post-weaning performance


More farmers are starting to use Axcelera-C in an advanced way to wean their calves at 40 days, saving themselves time, work and money.


Their accelerated calves show no check at weaning and grow strongly through to weaning and beyond. Axcelera-C is providing farmers with a new way of  optimising the lifetime performance of their calves, faster and more efficiently.


In addition to the increased throughput of calves through the system, farmers are seeing:


Reduction in Costs​:

  • Save approx £30 / calf
  • Decrease in levels of Milk Powder used
  • Decrease in medicines required for treatment of scours etc
  • Switch from reliance on Starter Feeds to a TMR mix


Improvement in Animal Health and Condition:

  • Increased depth and rumen capacity, seen already at 4 months old
  • Increased size for age
  • Increased initiative & energy
  • Shiny coat and overall condition improved
  • Reduced illness e.g Scours.




  • Weds 16th November - 12.00pm :  Hall 19 - Sydney Room


"Is feeding calves high levels of milk really the best way of producing lifetime performance?"


Introducing The Advanced Weaning Program:


A new way of delivering accelerated lifetime performance in dairy cows.


  • What’s the best way to accelerate pre and post weaning calf development?
  • Is there a new way that improves calf performance and saves money?
  • Progressive farmers already using the Advanced Weaning Program.