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The World's First Accelerator For Cows

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The World's First Accelerator For Cows


Our research shows that neonates hold the key to switching on lifetime performance and as we have already seen with our Axcelera technology in swine, we know that by accelerating baby animals we can program them for greater lifetime performance.

Without the correct neonatal influences in the first few weeks of life, the cow can never recover its true lifetime potential. Axcelera-C is so palatable that calves eat it aggressively leading to accelerated growth which wider research confirms delivers higher lifetime performance with earlier calving, improving subsequent milk yields and fertility.

Axcelera-C applies unique formulation and process technology to create a highly palatable, high lactose accelerator for calves. Compared to milk replacers, it is very easy for farmers to use, does not require any mixing and is aggressively consumed by calves.

Axcelera-C is offered to calves from day 3 until weaning. Enhanced lifetime performance for beef and dairy cattle is achieved by Axcelera-C replacing starter feed for the first 3 weeks and thereafter at 150g/head/day on top of starter feed.