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Vistabet® is a natural betaine source extracted from sugar beet molasses for use in poultry, swine, ruminant and aqua diets. Vistabet®​ can offer significant customer savings for the producer due to its osmotic ability and use as a methyl donor in metabolism.

Methyl donors are molecules capable of donating methyl groups during physiological processes, and are required for the synthesis of several substances such as creatinine, carnitine (important for energy metabolism), methyl purines (important for DNA and RNA synthesis), choline and adrenaline.

The osmotic properties of betaine are of particular importance in situations of cellular dehydration e.g. times of stress. The accumulation of betaine in cells and organs helps to minimise water loss against a prevailing osmotic gradient.

The osmotic characteristics of betaine can be translated into better animal performance, including:

  • Better feed conversion
  • Improved body weight gain or increased egg production
  • Betaine also improves results at the processing plant such as
    • improved carcass yield,
    • lower carcass fat
    • lower drip and cooking losses.

Vistabet® can be supplied as a liquid or in anhydrous crystalline form.

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