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Vistacell® is a live yeast product for sows, piglets, horses and ruminants

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Vistacell® is a live yeast product for sows, piglets, horses and ruminants

Vistacell use in ruminants

Vistacell® is used to improve overall rumen function, resulting in increased milk yield and live weight gain.

Farmers place a large amount of pressure on livestock to consume and digest large amounts of high energy feed in a bid to obtain higher yields. As a result, the rumen is challenged and fermentation may not occur at optimal levels. Adding Vistacell® to the ration helps increase the pH of the rumen, decreasing the number of lactic acid-producing microbes and increasing the fibre digesting microbes that use lactic acid. The overall effect is improved fibre digestion and dry matter intake, resulting in greater productivity.

Vistacell use in pigs

Pig producers continue to look for efficient ways to maximise performance whilst maintaining a high return per pig.  On average, a 0.5kg loss in weaning weight can equate to a reduction of 2kg at slaughter, representing a considerable loss of income for the producer.

Vistacell® offers producers an economic way to improve pig performance. As a live yeast product, Vistacell® works to improve intestinal gut health by stabilising the gut microflora and increasing the presence of beneficial bacteria.

Evidence indicates that live yeast improves the nutrient composition of sow milk, with higher levels of immunoglobulins in the milk which can help to increase piglet immunity. This can benefit both the sow and the suckling piglet, and have a measurable impact on increasing the weight of piglets and reducing pre-weaning mortality.

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