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December WASDE report review

Price increase for US feed crops forecast

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Strong usage and exports are supporting a slight price increase for US feed crops, despite the large harvest, says economist.

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'No need for alarm over declining omega-3 levels in salmon'

By Jane Byrne

The head of the research center of the global aqua feed leader, Skretting, has weighed in on the debate generated by BBC coverage of a Scottish study showing omega 3 oils in farmed salmon have halved in the past five years due to more plant based oils...

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Dispatches from EuroTier 2016

‘Phytogenics are moving from niche to mainstream’

By Jane Byrne

Delacon says the initial industry skepticism about botanical compounds is decreasing as a growing number of independent studies show the impact of such additives on livestock production. 

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Dispatches from World Nutrition Forum

What makes a more feed efficient dairy cow?

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Cows with reduced maintenance needs and better energy efficiency may eventually lead to less feed use in the dairy industry, says researcher. 

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