Latin America

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China ratchets up sunflower seed meal imports

By Jane Byrne

Historically, global sunflower seed meal consumption has been dominated by the leading sunflower seed producers and processors, such as the EU, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey, but other countries have recently emerged as growing users.

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New grain terminal for Québec

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

La Coop fédérée is putting $90m into a new grain transfer terminal as part of a project to expand the export market for Canadian grains to regions including Asia and Europe, says VP.

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BioMar signals its intent in Ecuador

By Jane Byrne

BioMar is looking to accelerate the development of Alimentsa, less than a year after acquiring the majority stake in the Ecuadorian shrimp feed producer; it said it wants to fortify the company in what is a highly competitive market, despite the recent...


Drought leads Argentina to buy US soybeans

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Drought conditions are leading Argentina to import US soybeans, however, in-country production is expected to improve in the coming marketing year, say analysts.