FeedKind protein has minimal land use and water requirements compared to many terrestrial based fish feed ingredients, says The Carbon Trust. Image © Calysta

Special Edition: Environmentally friendly feed sector initiatives

Carbon Trust runs the numbers on Calysta's gas to feed protein

By Jane Byrne

The sustainability profile of Calysta’s methane gas to feed protein, FeedKind, could be bumped up if its production involved the use of biogas, but its land and water resource saving metrics are solid, finds a report from UK agency, the Carbon Trust.


French biotech firm has feed ambitions for carotenoid platform

By Jane Byrne

Deinove says it is finally edging towards commercial revenue generation and industrial scale manufacture of natural carotenoids for use in feed, dietary supplements and cosmetics. The Montpellier-based producer uses Deinococcus bacteria as host strains.

© Cetinski

Danube Soya ends use of glyphosate as desiccant in EU soy

Environment MEPs call for glyphosate ban

By Jane Byrne

The EU Commission should not renew the approval of glyphosate as long as concerns remain about its carcinogenicity, said MEPs.


Fishmeal prices forecast lower in 2016

By Jane Byrne

The overall supply and demand balance for fishmeal, at least currently, looks slightly better than in 2015, says Rabobank analyst, Gorjan Nikolik.

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