Cargill to expand its poultry processing plant

UK firm wants to be more transparent after Horse Meat scandal

Cargill in $56m chicken processing expansion

By Jenny Eagle

Cargill will roll out a £35m ($56m) phased investment plan over the next three years to upgrade its technology and improve machinery at its chicken processing plant in the UK.

A study examining various food-related sectors shows achievements and room for improvement in food waste diversion.

Food companies need to watch their waste

By Jenni Spinner

A study conducted by a group of food industry associations shows that food manufacturers, retailers and foodservice operations have numerous opportunities to cut waste.

U-turn on GM in Turkey

U-turn on GM in Turkey

By Rod Addy

Turkey’s food industry has reversed plans that would have led to a fuller exploration of genetic modification (GM), bowing to pressure from a Greenpeace campaign.

Blow to the egg industry

Blow to the egg industry

The safety of chicken eggs has been challenged by a UK
environmental pressure group, just weeks after figures showing the
lowest levels of Salmonella in years were published. The Soil
Association claims that as many as one in eight...

Job losses at Tyson

Job losses at Tyson

The decision by meat processing giant Tyson to consolidate two
poultry manufacturing operations in Mississippi represents yet more
upheaval for America's meat processing industry. The firm's
decision, which follows a comprehensive...