The US EPA and USDA are joining to combat food waste.

Agencies unite to reduce food waste

By Jenni Spinner

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Department of Agriculture are partnering on an effort to reduce food waste in the country.

Cellana developed its technology at its demonstration facility on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Algae producer Cellana nears full scale production phase

By Hank Schultz

Another company developing algal ingredients is set to make a splash in the market.  San Diego-based Cellana has finished its development phase and is close to entering full scale production, according to company officials.

UK starch byproducts project underway

UK starch byproducts project underway

By Rod Addy

Europe's largest byproducts company Soltens is working with UK frozen food firm Lamb Weston on a project to divert potato co-products from waste to other uses.

Piggy feed

Piggy feed

A project funded by the European development organisation Eureka
has helped scientists to produce a fortifying feed for piglets
without the use of antibiotics.

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