Algal Scientific Corporation

Algal Scientific Corporation

Algamune™ Supports Antibiotic Free Production 

Algal Scientific’s goals are to create products that solve global problems, among them being animal health and feeding the world sustainably.  Our animal health solutions are based on our unique expertise relating to algal fermentation.

Algamune is the world’s first commercial source of beta glucan from algae.  Decades of published research demonstrates that beta glucan can support a healthy immune system  which results in improved performance when used in antibiotic free diets.   However, traditionally sourced beta glucans from yeast have been prohibitively expensive  due to the cost of extracting the low concentration of embedded beta glucan from cell walls.  Algamune provides a certified organic solution to maintaining peak immune performance.  Algamune’s beta glucan provides maximum potential bioavailability without any extraction.  This translates to lower ingredient costs, lower inclusion rates and higher ROI.

Algal Scientific Stands for Science

We believe that sound solutions require a strong, fact based scientific foundation.  Before offering Algamune to the animal production industry, we insisted upon knowing not only that beta-1,3-glucan works, but how it worked, and in particular why our algal beta glucan was better than others.  We and our partners have invested in years of academic and industry research and customer trials in the USA, Europe, Latin America and Asia.  We walk the walk before we talk the talk.