COVID-19: Feed industry and ingredient supplier protocols

By Jane Byrne

Feed industry representatives, feed manufacturers and ingredient suppliers have been reacting to the outbreak of coronavirus, putting protocols in place to ensure continuity of production and feed supply, while protecting workers.

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Coronavirus: Industry coverage under containment

By Jane Byrne

Here we are, day one of the school shutdown in France, and our Montpellier office also forced to close - all of us now switching on our wiped-down, laptops from home, amid our stockpiled food and coffee.

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Evonik cites Covid-19 for feed additive shortage

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Evonik Nutrition and Care GmbH is declaring a force majeure for the supply of an amino acid product generated at production facilities that have closed in response to the ongoing disease outbreak.


Coronavirus causing grain and oilseed market jitters

By Jane Byrne

In a grains and oilseeds markets update today, the AHDB in the UK reported that Chinese imports of US soybeans surged, throughout December, when compared to levels in the comparative period a year ago.