Commodity pricing

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Long-term US soybean outlook calls for drop in acres, lower prices

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

A 10-year assessment of US soybean production highlights the role of trade and points to continuing low prices and a reduction in planted acres as consequences stemming from China’s ongoing tariffs on the feed ingredient, says analyst.

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Feed transport challenges for ABN

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Feed transporters working at an ABN feed mill in the UK are considering union action, which could include striking, after the company proposed schedule changes.

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Supersize me: feeding Britain’s poultry mega farms

By Lynda Searby

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Richard Griffiths, chief executive of the British Poultry Council, predicted the rise of poultry ‘mega farms’. FeedNavigator catches up with him to find out what implications this would have for the feed industry.

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