Commodity pricing

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FarmLead expands to offer pricing data, info

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

The online grain sales platform FarmLead is expanding its services to offer users a richer picture of market prices, and historical trends for grains and feed ingredients, says CEO.

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China to cut import VAT on US DDGS

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

US Grains Council sees positive first step in the removal of a value-added tax on US DDG; however, more work remains to improve the market, says CEO.

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Bunge reduces earnings guidance for 2017

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Bunge reported lower income for the third quarter on the same period in 2016 though it anticipates momentum in the fourth quarter and start of 2018.

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Harvey may have caused $200m ag loss in Texas

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August and may have left upwards of $200m in agricultural related losses in its wake, including in feed, animals and infrastructure, say economists.

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IFFO: Chinese fishmeal imports see a boost

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Environmental protections and feed sector consolidation are playing roles in the growth and development of the aquaculture industry in China, says regional expert.

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Special Edition: e-commerce trends

Online grain marketplace launches grain testing service

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

To help farmers improve the marketability of their feed and food grains, FarmLead is now offering a grain testing service which provides 24-hour access to labs and results, says CEO.

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US: Slow pace to corn harvesting

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Only about 28% of the corn crop is harvested thus far in the season, compared to 47% of the crop this time last year, said the USDA.