The collaboration would look to address, among other activities, specific health aspects in broiler and pig production by exploiting the microbial properties of insect ingredients. © GettyImages/metamorworks

Reports from EuroTier 2018

Dutch insect feed producer in tie-up with Agrifirm

By Jane Byrne

Dutch feed and agribusiness group, Agrifirm, and insect protein and oils producer, Protix, have announced that they will be collaborating on a range of new initiatives using insect-based ingredients in products for the broiler, layer and pig sectors in...

© GettyImages/ maystra

Regulatory developments around insect feed protein in the US

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Ohio based insect protein company, EnviroFlight, announced on Tuesday [September 11] that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recommended the amendment of the ingredient definition for dried black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) so that it can be...

© GettyImages

Albert Heijn selling insect company’s own brand eggs

By Jane Byrne

Netherlands supermarket giant, Albert Heijn, has started to sell eggs from laying hens fed live grubs; the sustainability and circular economy aspect of such egg production appealed to the retailing group.

© istock

Reports from Feed Protein Vision 2018

Waitrose, McDonald's and WWF see partnerships as vital for sustainable feed

By Jane Byrne

The retailer, fast food company, and NGO took part in an interactive panel debate during a workshop style event, at our conference, Feed Protein Vision 2018, last month. They were asked to explain why sustainable animal feed protein is relevant for the...

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