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What are the risks from PCNs in feed and food?

By Jane Byrne

The EU Commission has asked EFSA for an opinion on the risks for animal and human health linked to the presence of polychlorinated naphthalenes (PCNs) in feed and food.

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ASF: Asian markets ban German pork imports

By Jane Byrne

Japan has joined China, South Korea and Singapore in terms of the Asian markets that have imposed a ban on German pork imports after the EU country confirmed its first case of African swine fever last week.

Key learnings from Covid-19 for the EU feed sector

Key learnings from Covid-19 for the EU feed sector

By Jane Byrne

To prevent challenges such as disruption to food supply chains from a pandemic like Covid-19 or other public health sanitary crisis, a key learning for the EU feed manufacturing sector is to have permanent crisis management capacity in place - at company...

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Kemin secures US patent over control of ASF in feed

By Jane Byrne

Kemin has acquired a US patent application for a method to control African Swine Fever virus (ASFv) in feed and feed ingredients using a global pathogen control product that it manufactures – Sal CURB.

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