'While contract feed production may offer some regional opportunities, it will limit the market share for other independent feed manufacturers. This will further drive consolidation,' says Nutreco ©

2016 feed industry outlook

By Jane Byrne

Like this time last year, we dust down the crystal ball and gaze into it to determine what 2016 holds in terms of the fortunes of the global feed industry. A selection of industry insiders give us their forecasts. 

'The [hybrid rye] yields are going up progressively each year. We are seeing a 1.5% increase on an annual basis,' says KMS agronomist Jacob Nymand ©

Special Edition: Crop Science

Hybrid rye feed sector flourishing in Denmark

By Jane Byrne

Higher yielding hybrids as an alternative feed grain are proving popular with pig producers in Denmark, says crop breeding company, KWS.

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