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US corn producers granted class action status in Syngenta lawsuit

US corn producers have been granted class status in an ongoing lawsuit against Syngenta for the sale of biotech corn, which is said to make it must easier and less costly for farmers to pursue their claims against the Swiss biotech firm. 

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Initial US feed crop testing shows high mycotoxin load

Mycotoxins levels are being found in early samples from the US 2016 feed crop harvest, says expert.

Forest to feed: Norway shining spotlight on yeast protein

Yeast derived from processing of low-value and non-edible lignocellulosic biomass is a potential sustainable source of protein in farmed animal diets including fish and piglets, says a Norwegian academic.

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It’s all in the genes: team sees digestive efficiency and sustainability link in broilers

French genetics experts have seen economical and environment gains from their research that involved feeding broilers of medium growth rate, selected on the basis of good digestive efficiency traits, a challenging diet.  


Insects, algae, yeasts: Forum set to assess the pluses and minuses of new proteins

What are the pros and cons of feed protein derived from insects, from yeast, from duckweed or from seaweed and microalgae sources for poultry, pigs or farmed fish?

Special Edition: Animal husbandry: genetics, nutrition and management link

World first in pig gut gene data insights said to be game changing

An international consortium of researchers has established the first comprehensive pig gut microbiome gene reference catalogue. 

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