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Special Edition: Existing and Emerging Feed Risks

Fingerprinting technique touted as feed safety tool

Near-infrared (NIR) technology has typically been used by large feed companies for quality control of feed ingredients and compound feed but a leading expert sees huge benefits for its use in detection of feed contaminants.

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French insect protein producer scaling up

60 second interview: InnovaFeed bitten by the bug

August saw French insect protein producer, InnovaFeed, set up R&D laboratories at Genopole in Evry, a hub near Paris focused on biotech, genomics and genetics research.

Researchers find ideal histidine levels to boost tilapia growth

Targeted histidine levels point toward improved growth, muscle development in Nile tilapia, say researchers.

FDA supports animal drug research

Grant applications are being sought by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expand drugs available for the aquaculture sector to control disease. 

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