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Dairy Australia: Farmers need forage variants with improved yield, nutrition and persistence

Plant breeding must remain a priority to develop and commercialize improved forage varieties for dairy farmers year-round, says Dairy Australia executive.

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Supplemental leucine explored for role in neonatal calf development

USDA is funding research to explore ways to improve performance of neonatal calves.

Cargill: sustainable feed, fish production worth the higher price tag for US consumers

A customer survey highlights the role for sustainable feed and fish production in the US marketplace, says Cargill Aqua Nutrition manager.

Sow nutrition: We ‘probably don’t know enough’, says scientist

More research must be done to understand the complex needs of breeding sows if lifespan and performance are to be improved, say a genetics and breeding expert. 

Summer of ‘17 moves in the world of feed

The past several summer months have seen multiple moves, new hires and elections among members of the US feed industries.

Using pre-gelatinized starch in aqua diets may boost tilapia growth, performance

Pre-gelatinized starch may offer a growth boost to fish and improve pellet characteristics, say researchers.

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