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Acquisition bolsters Nutreco's standing in US, Canada

Dutch feed giant, Nutreco, has agreed to buy Canadian feed manufacturer, Hi Pro Feeds. 

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Soybean production is a national priority for Burkina Faso

French agri groups have signed a deal with the agriculture ministry of Burkina Faso to develop and structure soybean cultivation in that African country.

Does a spoonful of fish feed help the medicine go down?

DNA-supplemented feed may offer an efficient method of mass vaccination for farmed Atlantic salmon facing disease challenges, say researchers.

US feed and grower orgs in favor of proposed biotech rules

Proposed biotech rules offer chance for educational outreach, trade discussions and practical regulation, say feed and crop grower organizations.

Amaranth leaf offers potential protein for fishmeal replacement

Tilapia growth and production supported on a 80% fishmeal replacement diet, say researchers.