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EU: Starfish now allowed as fishmeal source for pig and poultry feed

The European Commission (EC) has adopted regulation enabling meal produced from wild starfish and aquatic invertebrates to be used to make fishmeal for pig and poultry feed.

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Cargill, Nutreco confirm competition probe in Chilean fish feed sector

Chilean competition agency, Fiscalía Nacional Económica (FNE), is reportedly investigating the activities of fish feed companies operating in the country.

Groups petitions US FDA to ban in-feed, preventative antibiotic use

A petition to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants the agency to remove approvals for antibiotic use in livestock disease prevention and growth promotion.

Cargill move shows Philippines is a key Asian growth market

Work has got underway on a Cargill premix plant in the Philippines.

Red pepper essential oil may aid nutrient digestion in piglets

Animal scientists in Brazil examined the use of Brazilian red pepper essential oil in the diet of weanling pigs for growth and gut health.

Move to standardize GM free production throughout Danube region

Newly developed labelling standards for GM free plant based foods and products of animal origin are said to be another step in the harmonization of regulations for a GM free Europe.

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