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US feed crop survives warm weather

A hot week across the US has not lowered condition ratings for feed crop growth and production.

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E. coli derived additive gets EU approval

The EU Commission (EC) has approved the use of the additive L-threonine produced by fermentation with E. coli for production of feed for all animal species.

Yogurt producer Dannon looks to establish US non-GMO feed supply

Dannon has set 2018 as a deadline to establish GMO-free feed sources for its farmers' dairy cattle.

Integrated poultry plant, feed mill met with lawsuit in Nebraska

A community group in Fremont, Nebraska is suing the city to protest against an attempt by Costco to bring a large poultry processing facility to the area.

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'A lot is still conjecture but we’re narrowing down quite a bit on that,' says poultry expert on additive functionality

There is a need to look at compounds that do not build resistance, says US professor.

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Team finds essential oil delivers beneficial immune response in fish

Basil-based essential oil may offer immunity boost to farmed red drum, and could support antibiotic replacement, say researchers.

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Butyrate, botanicals and yeast cell walls – how can they be made more effective?

Recent research insights have helped reveal some of the cell biological mechanisms that are likely behind the beneficial effect of additives such as butyrate products, botanicals and yeast cell walls (YCW), but knowledge gaps remain.

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