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Low mycotoxin load in wheat in the UK and Ireland, finds survey

The 2015 Nutriad wheat mycotoxin survey concludes that this year’s harvest of wheat in the UK and Ireland is of very good quality in terms of mycotoxin contamination.

UK feed firm director must pay £75,000 penalty over worker death

A director of a UK feed manufacturer, Protein Feeds Ltd, has been fined £75,000 ($113k) over the death of an employee.

Special Edition: Precision Feeding

‘We want to nail down the architecture of feed efficiency’ – EU funded research aiming for more sustainable pig and poultry farming

Reducing access to phosphorous and methionine in chickens shows feed efficiency gains later on finds the EU funded project, ECO-FCE.

No change to soymeal story for 2016, says Rabobank in its agri commodity outlook

Rabobank says solid growth in poultry and hog numbers will continued to fuel strong global demand for soymeal.

Special Edition: Precison Feeding

US dairy farmers using precision tools to track milk yield, mastitis and milk components

As precision farming technology has improved, there has been greater take up in the US dairy sector but the numbers investing in such tools still remain fairly low, says an animal science expert.

China looks to reduce domestic corn prices to shift stock levels: report

For the second year in a row, Beijing is planning to cut Chinese maize prices in a bid to encourage local processors to buy domestic stocks, reported Reuters citing industry sources.

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