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Media reports of hike in number of Dutch pig farm bankruptcies

Are strict welfare rules hurting Dutch pig farming profitability?

As Dutch media reports show the rate of pig farms going bankrupt in the Netherlands has picked up steam in 2016, the head of the Dutch feed association says his sector has a role to play in securing pork production profitability. 

Special Edition: Aqua feed advances

Alltech focused on algae derived DHA for fish feed

Alltech has been working to develop a replacement for fish meal or fish oil in aquafeed.

Phytase superdosing increases zinc bioavailability, says producer

Improving zinc efficacy and reducing the zinc level in piglet feed without negatively impacting post-weaning performance can be achieved through hytase superdosing, according to AB Vista.

Reports from CFI's Strategy Conference on Animal Agriculture

What does transparency mean for feed manufacturers?

Recent actions in the food world may offer lessons to makers of animal feed on how to handle ingredient or product discussions, says expert.

Canada approves fishmeal and fish oil feed ingredients from biotech salmon

The AquAdvantage salmon developed by AquaBounty Technologies has been approved for use as a feed ingredient in Canada. 

US feed crop planting slows

Rainy days are slowing an early feed crop planting push in the US.

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