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Syngenta looks to appeal class action order in GM corn lawsuit

Syngenta AG is asking for the chance to appeal certification of class action lawsuits in the ongoing case over the release of its Vipterra GM corn. 

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Special Edition: Grain Market Developments

Ukraine: tariff free grain boost on the cards, soybean expansion forecast

The EU can expect higher grain imports from Ukraine if an EU Commission plan to remove tariffs on goods from that market, this time from wheat, corn and barley, sees the light of day.

Volatile fatty acids boosts calf growth, rumen development

Calves getting 2-methylbutyrate see improved rumen development and boosted growth, say researchers. 

New public affairs hire at Vivergo Fuels, De Heus expands Asian team

We report on movers and shakers in the international feed industry, covering new hires by players operating in Asia, the US or Europe. 

EPA rewards aquaculture and E. coli focused probiotic studies

New research indicates a probiotic strain in feed for triploid salmons could be a potential alternative to high dietary phosphorus in reducing skeletal deformity during the development of the fish.

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