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Commodity pricing

Commodity pricing

What factors are influencing soy, corn, and wheat grain movements? What drivers are behind lysine and methionine price developments and how are markets like feed phosphate and phytase performing?

USDA: US crop condition scores continue to fall

USDA reports that US crop conditions are below expectations, yet again. 

USDA evaluates Iranian feed, grain market potential

More feed grains could be flowing from the US to Iran, but barriers to trade remain, says the USDA.

Bunge competitiveness program seeks to trim $250m in spending

A new cost-cutting program for Bunge aims to reduce expense spending and capital expenditure for the next several years, says CEO.

US drought concerns plague cattle, feed producers on northern plains

Drought conditions in North Dakota and nearby states may be setting up a weather market for feed crop prices, says analyst.

Sorghum could substitute cassava as starch source for feeding Pangasius in Vietnam

Sorghum may offer a replacement feed ingredient for Pangasius aquafeeds currently using cassava, says the US Grains Council.

Cargill sees benefits from animal nutrition and protein in Q4, full-year results

Fourth quarter and full-year results for Cargill have grown based, in part, on earnings from the animal nutrition and protein segment.

USDA releases WASDE report

US grain market: Water and heat stress may herald a reduction in yields

Dry weather, high temperatures bring concerns for some US feed crop producers, says state climatologist.

Brazil: Soybean exports on pace to reach record

Brazil is trending toward a record soybean production despite a slow initial pace for forward sales, says USDA agricultural attaché.

US sorghum players look to woo Chinese buyers

US sorghum producers met a Chinese feed buyers’ delegation as part of a market maintenance and expansion informational trip.

Wheat market may be tightening

The market has been seeing a hike in wheat prices, following weather related risks emerging in key exporting producer countries, says an analyst.

US: Tax-based financial incentives for new soy processing facility in Michigan

ZFS Ithaca starts progress on Michigan-based soybean processing plant, says general manager.

Increasing dietary carbohydrates may support fish growth with less dietary protein

Farmed juvenile tambaqui diets can swap some protein for carbohydrates and maintain fish growth, production performance, say researchers.

US corn, soy markets rally as planted acres bring little surprise

USDA report marks an uptick in soybean planted acres and growth in corn acres from March, in response grain markets rally, say analysts.

Special Edition: Feed Processing Technology

Will blue protein plug the gap in organic pig and poultry production?

Organic pig and poultry producers in Europe face a lack of organic protein sources. Mussels and starfish may fit well as future feedstuffs for that segment but there are challenges...

Syngenta GMO corn test trial: Kansas farmers win $217m

A jury has awarded $217.7m in compensatory damages to a class of Kansas-based corn producers.  

Agrifirm defines and costs feeds of EU origin

Dutch feed company, Agrifirm, says it can deliver feeds of EU origin but the market must take account of the fact that costs rise the more local protein inputs are...

News in brief

Hike in animal feed exports from Scotland

Scotland reported an increase in its exports of animal feed in the first three months of 2017 compared to Q1 2016.

US legislators call for improved access to Cuban markets

A bipartisan group of US legislators is calling for an expansion of trade engagement with Cuba and the lifting of a trade embargo, a move that has seen support from...

US spring wheat condition drops as weather raises crop concerns: USDA

Weather related crop concerns, and spring wheat conditions raise questions even as corn planting ends and soybean planting nears completion, says analyst.

UK election result adding to instability

Global grain market under pressure, prices may go higher: analyst

The UK election result has increased instability in grain markets, and buyers were rightly advised to take precautionary risk measures against political fallout and weather related developments, says an analyst.

USDA: Corn, soy hold steady as eyes turn to wheat quality

Wheat quality concerns may lead to higher prices, increased acres next year, says analyst.

Special Edition: Feed Processing Technology

US cooperative sees efficiency boost from high-tech grain facility

A new grain shuttle facility is making use of improved management technology for faster loading, unloading of feed grains, says manager.

US agribusiness backs NAFTA deal renegotiation: Purdue University

A benchmark of US ag sector sentiment shows producers are more optimistic about the future.

Deadline looming for public feedback on US trade deal revision

The window to comment on what a proposed revision of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) should include is soon to close.

USDA: Feed crop planting, emergence pace increases but condition lags

Feed crop condition may be dropping, even as crop planting nears completion and emergence continues, says the USDA.

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