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Microalgae offers promise to the feed and livestock sector in terms of sustainable production and being rich in protein, they could be an interesting alternative to imported soy for animal diets, but not at this juncture due to current production costs and a lack of supporting nutritional data.

Heliae makes progress on astaxanthin, pivots to feed in DHA production

Algae ingredients producer Heliae has taken steps toward commercial viability with new certifications on its astaxanthin products and launch of new finished products. In addition, the company has reached a...

Industry demand sees TerraVia and Bunge ramping up DHA algae production

TerraVia and Bunge said the salmon industry’s fast rate of adoption of their jointly developed algae derived DHA feed ingredient is prompting a ramp up of production in Brazil....

US sees introduction of seaweed-based ingredient aimed at boosting gut health in pigs

A feed ingredient product made of blended types of seaweed may offer an immunity boost to swine raised without antibiotics. 

Zivo and NutriQuest in algae feed ingredient R&D venture

US company, Zivo Bioscience and, feed additive producer, NutriQuest, have formed an alliance to jointly develop and test animal nutrition products derived from Zivo’s proprietary algae strain.

'No need for alarm over declining omega-3 levels in salmon'

The head of the research center of the global aqua feed leader, Skretting, has weighed in on the debate generated by BBC coverage of a Scottish study showing omega 3...

Skretting gets behind algal oil breakthrough from Evonik and DSM

Skretting, Nutreco’s fish feed division, says a breakthrough in R&D development by Evonik and DSM means it can provide feed formulations containing EPA and DHA from algal oil as and...

Blended microalgae feeds improve growth rates, survival of young geoduck clams

Microalgae blends boost growth, survival in farmed geoduck clams, says researcher.

Periphyton availability in tilapia production may boost weight gain, reduce feed use

Periphyton-boosted tilapia productions systems may see better fish gain with less feed needed, say researchers. 

Special Edition: Aqua feed advances

Alltech focused on algae derived DHA for fish feed

Alltech has been working to develop a replacement for fish meal or fish oil in aquafeed.

Freshwater microalgae may offer promise for aqua feed: Canadian team

Some freshwater microalgae strains may offer dietary protein, lipids and a balanced supply of essential amino acids for animal and aquaculture feeds.

ZIVO seeks feed industry collaboration to test its ‘cheap’ algae ingredient

ZIVO Bioscience, a US developer of what it calls a ‘cost effective’ algae culture derived feed ingredient, is looking to partner with a global feed company on dairy formulation testing.

US team weighing up algae strains for use in feed and fuel production

The Marine Algae industrialization Consortium (MAGIC), comprising researchers from both US universities and industry, has been evaluating the possibility of the large scale production of fuel and feed from microalgae.

Dispatches from the 10th Annual Oilseed and Grain Trade Summit, Minneapolis

Regulation, disease management mark areas for aquaculture improvement

Disease management and regulation mark two major challenges to growth in the aquaculture industry, industry officials say.

Could algae meal replace corn-based feed?

Algae coproducts may be a viable option to replace corn in cattle feed say researchers with Iowa State University.

Marine brown algae sourced feed additive said to offer promise for broiler productivity

Including an algae derivative in broiler diets can improve the birds’ immune status, antioxidant capacity, and performance, finds a new Chinese study.

Algae-derived fatty acids show promise for animal reproductive performance: Alltech

Increasing livestock fertility, nailing precision feeding, developing fish meal substitutes and a migration away from antimicrobials are the immediate goals of a US led research alliance relying on ‘innovative’ nutritional...

Special Edition: Future Feeds

Are GM plant oils the answer to fish oil DHA and EPA replacement in aqua feed?

GM plant oils would seem to represent the ‘holy grail’ in the hunt for viable replacements for fish oil derived long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid...

‘We want to lower production costs and prove algae are beneficial for livestock', says Dutch team

Microalgae offers promise to the feed and livestock sector in terms of sustainable production and its use in feed could ensure better quality eggs, milk and possibly meat, and improved...

Algasol Renewables behind floating bag based algae cultivation system site in Bangladesh

Novel microalgae production method promises cheap fish feed

A pilot scale initiative in Bangladesh backed by two international technology players is aiming to show how cheap fish feed can be derived from a novel algae production method.

Algae as cheap cattle feed supplement: University of Queensland shows how it is done

Australian beef producers and feed companies can benefit from a University of Queensland (UQ) project that is demonstrating how microalgae derived feed can be produced cheaply and efficiently.

Algae biomass pellet binders show poultry feed potential

Algae biomass-derived pellet binders that could potentially make poultry feed more efficient are one of the early-stage innovations that award-winning poultry researcher Joe Moritz is working on.

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