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Danish study shows microalgae could work as fishmeal alternative

A researcher based at the Technical University of Denmark (DTC) said he has found a method to make microalgae cost-effective fish feed ingredients.

Skretting to expand Chilean R&D capacity, talks up antibiotic reduction plans

Skretting, Nutreco’s fish feed arm, is establishing a new R&D facility in Chile, while also weighing up RAS systems and raw materials as part of a €6m research capacity expansion...

Approval sought for 'DHA rich' canola fish feed oil

A genetically modified (GM) plant-based, omega-3 oil may be on its way to the aquafeed market in the US and Canada if Nuseed’s regulatory requests are approved.

Canada: Firm to offer more data in light of dioxin-based recall

After dioxin levels prompted a voluntary recall effort in Canada, Absorbent Products is turning to additional testing to demonstrate how little is bioavailable, says company president.

Expanding eConnectivity in agriculture

US grain producers and handlers may soon have more powerful data management capabilities to address traceability and the regulatory needs of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) thanks to a...

Phone app tracks nutrient levels in feed for home mixers

A feed app for smartphones is aimed at helping poultry producers better mix their own feed using local ingredients, says researcher.

Testing feed grain moisture in developing countries

Feed and grain moisture monitoring may be getting easier for producers in developing nations with a combined project from Kansas State University and the USDA.

Special Edition: Organic Feed

Study questions whether organic dairy products should claim a premium

Organic and conventional feeding systems may offer similar results when a majority of pasture feeding is used, says researcher.

Land O’Lakes: 'Southeast US offers the single biggest growth opportunity'

Land O’Lakes is set to build a new feed manufacturing facility in Roanoke, Virginia with a goal of opening in December 2018.

Coppens in alliance with Brazilian tilapia and shrimp feed player

Alltech owned aqua feed and nutrition company, Coppens, said it has entered a strategic partnership with long established Brazilian fish feed player, Guabi.

DuPont cracks enzyme combo for boosting Indian layer production

DuPont says its new enzyme combination for inclusion in Indian layer diets has the ability to improve egg production by 2% and feed conversion ratio by 3%.

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What do vitamin D and host defense peptides have to do with poultry gut health?

Few in the scientific community are looking at how various vitamin D metabolites are influencing the expression of host defense peptides (HDPs) in the gut, but its a potentially winning...

DSM and Evonik to build $200m US plant for salmon feed targeted algae oil

DSM and Evonik, as part of a newly announced 50-50 joint venture, are set to build a $200m facility in the US to produce their omega-3 fatty acid product from...

US team weighs up benefits of hulless barley as dairy feed

In times of high feed ingredient prices, dairy cows may be seeing a new ingredient in their ration – hulless barley, says researcher.

Special edition: organic feed

Fungal supplement may reduce parasite load in organic dairy calf systems

Dietary treatments of fungal spores may help manage gut parasites in calves reared organically, say researchers.

Special Edition: Organic Feed

Capital released for US farmers transitioning to organic

Starting at the end of March, US feed crop producers working toward organic certification will be able to gain funding support for some fees involved in the certification process.

Should producers hike zinc levels in high producing dairy cows?

There are productivity and economic impacts from formulating with quality trace mineral sources at the appropriate levels, says Zinpro.

Canadian team seeing results in research aimed at methane reduction in cattle

Trial additives, feed ingredients and farm management all play a part in addressing methane emissions in cattle production, says researcher.

Organic selenium use boosts farmed fish health with oxidative stress challenge

Long-term organic selenium supplementation may boost immune responses from farmed pacu without undermining weight gain, say researchers. 

Mexican trout producer asks fish to eat their greens

Trout-producer, NemiNatura, is starting work with a trial aquaculture diet that seeks to maintain fish performance without using marine animal proteins. 

Lipid, starch combo may boost feed efficacy and cut gas in cattle

Adding ground soybeans and starch to cattle diets may improve feed efficiency and limit methane emissions, say researchers. 

Special Edition: Organic Feed

US organic feed grains have room to grow

Despite continuing interest in organic feed production, organic crops production is not keeping pace, says analyst.

Can crude glycerin, soybean oil improve the nutritional quality of beef?

Adding crude glycerin, soybean oil to cattle diets may impede saturated fatty acid generation and improve the nutritional quality of meat products, say researchers.

Fishing by-product boosts cattle intake when added to forage diet

Supplementing cattle diets with chitosan boosts dry matter intake, digestion and ruminal behavior, say researchers.

Research shows enzymes improve energy release for broilers

A study shows broilers fed a diet with a reduction in apparent metabolizable energy, N- corrected, and supplemented with amylase and xylanase, in the starter phase, had improved performance. ...

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