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Dairy feed challenges: 'Mycotoxins not the only culprits'

Rock River Laboratory is offering a new diagnostic suite for US dairy and cattle producers after increasing demand for analysis from those sectors last year.

Sustainability group seeks to mobilise Asian shrimp industry

New protocols aim to reform shrimp aquaculture, address feed ingredient use, says consultant.

60 second interview: Dairy innovation and feed industry communication

In an ongoing series about feed industry careers, we caught up with Troy Wistuba, director of dairy technical solutions at Purina to talk about his new position, how he arrived...

Special Edition: Ruminant Nutrition

Can garlic oil reduce calf greenhouse gas emissions?

Garlic oil may offer a way to reduce cow gas emissions when used with a high concentrate diet, say researchers.

Mycotoxins: Threshold no longer the only barometer of risk

The co-contamination of feedstuffs with multiple mycotoxins is the rule and not the exception, according to the lead author on a new paper, published in Toxins.

F3 Fish-Free Feed Challenge: US team stresses ecological focus of contest

An ongoing international aquaculture feed competition is supporting new ideas for feed formulation and may help improve the long term sustainability of the aquaculture industry, says a US participant.  

US: Mad Agriculture seeking FDA approval for poultry targeted insect meal

Mad Agriculture is working to produce insect-based feed and reduce the need for fishmeal in animal diets, says CEO.

What dietary intervention can relieve stress for farmed trout?

The use of betulinic acid in trout feed may offer a natural trout calming agent, say researchers. 

An egg a day - could pomegranate seed oil in layer feed provide functionality boost?

Polish researchers found feeding laying hens rations comprising pomegranate seed oil resulted in increased level of punicic acid (CLnA) as well as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in egg yolks’ lipids. ...

Investors back KnipBio's alternative fish feed protein

A new funding round offers support to alternative fish feed protein development and commercialization efforts, says KnipBio CEO.

Alltech algae feed supplements find Canadian approval

Alltech’s algae-based DHA supplements for terrestrial production animals see approval for use in Canada.

Idaho producer ups sustainability effort with recycled fish feed ingredient

Fish Breeders of Idaho is setting up a feed facility to recycle a waste product into a high-price feed ingredient.

Adding dietary fat to pig feed does not decrease the digestibility of any minerals: researchers

Supplementing pig diets with either saturated or unsaturated fat increases the digestibility of calcium, phosphorus, and sulfur in the diets, finds an industry backed study. 

GM NK603 corn research generates debate in Europe and the US

Design of GMO corn 'equivalence' study flawed: US animal scientist

A new study on GM corn, involving French researcher Séralini, whose previous work has generated controversy, has spurred scientific debate on both sides of the Atlantic.

What do probiotics and prebiotics offer farmed snakehead?

Probiotic and prebiotic use may support growth, digestion and immune functioning in farmed snakehead, say researchers. 

Enhanced nutrition post-weaning brings earlier heifer puberty

Supplemental nutrition in the post-weaning stage may offer producers a way to hasten puberty in beef heifers, say researchers.

‘Nutritional programming key to optimal use of marine ingredients in EU aquaculture’

A five-year EU project has concluded European farmed fish species will still hit nutrition and growth targets with only minimal levels of fishmeal and fish oil in diets based on...

Zivo and NutriQuest in algae feed ingredient R&D venture

US company, Zivo Bioscience and, feed additive producer, NutriQuest, have formed an alliance to jointly develop and test animal nutrition products derived from Zivo’s proprietary algae strain.

Dairy Crest in prebiotic feed trial alliance with DuPont

A prebiotic used in infant formula could have benefits for animal gut health, says a UK group behind the functional ingredient.

Special Edition: Existing and emerging feed risks

Crisis-sparked research generates digital tools for feed and food safety

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has developed software to estimate the transfer of certain environmental contaminants in feed to milk, eggs and pork.

Outlook 2017

How will the next 12 months play out for the US feed sector?

A US grain commodity analyst sees what is in store, and US feed trade groups weigh up what is likely to unfold in terms of regulatory changes, and interactions with...

Highlights from 2016

Grappling with US regulatory changes: a look back at 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, members of the US feed industry recall some of the notable events and share some of their perspectives about the year.

What role can supplemental phytase play in catfish feed digestibility?

Supplemental phytase improves the nutrient digestibility of fish feed ingredients, but has differing responses depending on the raw materials used in the formulation, say researchers. 

Will dairy cows eat their hydroponic sprouts?

US researchers are evaluating the impact of integrating hydroponic feeds, such as sprouted barley, into the diets of dairy heifers and lactating cows.

New process looks to improve soybean meal for fishfeed

In an effort to create more demand for soybeans, the Ohio Soybean Council is supporting development of an improved soybean meal aimed at the aquafeed industry.