Establishing the Microbiota in the Pig

Establishing the Microbiota in the Pig

Reaching a beneficial intestinal microbiota​ early in life is desirable for piglets, as microbiota will impact their future health.

The contribution of gastrointestinal tract microbiota to pig health and performance​, including metabolism of nutrients, stimulation of immune response, and protection is becoming increasingly evident.

Researchers are exploring how to start the piglet off well​, through sow nutrition and setting the gut up well, to improve weaning and then rely less on antibiotics​. Then, they say, it is about finding ways to alleviate some of the stresses and pressures on the animal, and look after them during the challenged times as well.

Our webinar will explore the latest insights on this subject​ with some of the world's leading experts​.


Nuria Canibe Nuria Canibe Senior Researcher
Aarhus University

Francesc Molist Francesc Molist R&D Manager
Schothorst Feed Research

Shah Hasan Shah Hasan Monogastric Nutrition and Gut Health
University of Helsinki

Jane Byrne Jane Byrne Senior Editor