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Special Edition: Reports from IPPE

Guidance, clarity continue to be needed in FSMA roll-out

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

AFIA is seeking additional regulatory guidance and more information regarding work with animal feed-specific hazards and hazard mitigation in its ongoing efforts to help the industry address FSMA, says VP.

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Special Edition: Reports from IPPE

Feed screening systems see increasing industry interest

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Regulatory changes and record keeping are some of the elements that maybe be increasing feed industry interest in using metal detectors during the feed generation process, says product manager.

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New EU standard iodine method for feed

By Jane Byrne

A new method, developed by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), to ensure that iodine content in feed stays below EU maximum level limits has been approved as the European standard.

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EFSA unsure about efficacy of clay mineral

By Jane Byrne

EFSA has reiterated its previous conclusion that bentonite is safe for all animal species, the consumers and the environment when used at a maximum level of 20,000 mg/kg complete feed.

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The US feed industry year in review

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Changes wrought by the new US administration, questions on trade agreements, regulations and hurricanes topped the list of major developments in 2017.

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‘More awareness is needed on feed fraud’

By Jane Byrne

GMP+ International says the feed sector needs to be as alert as the horsemeat-hit food industry has shown itself to be in recent years in relation to fraud in the supply chain.