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Bioiberica extends feed additive partnership with Barentz

By Jane Byrne

Spain’s Bioiberica has inked a strategic agreement with Barentz for the exclusive distribution of its Palbio and Nucleoforce animal nutrition lines in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, the UK, and Ireland.

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AGP substitution in broiler diets

By Jane Byrne

Layn Corp, a global company, headquartered in China, focused on vertically integrated production of plant-based sweeteners, extracts and flavors, reports positive results for a broiler feeding trial in Colombia on its product targeting AGP substitution....

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Alliance shedding light on how to boost FCR, welfare in fish farming

By Jane Byrne

Lighting innovator, Signify, and aquaculture industry advisor, ScaleAQ, have joined forces to boost fish welfare, production and yield for fish farmers by providing an optimal light spectrum, light distribution and control system for aquaculture producers....

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