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Mealworms on the menu for farmed shrimp?

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Use of mealworm derived protein supports shrimp production and may offer producers a cheaper feed alternative to fishmeal, say researchers.

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Special Edition: Feed developments in the Middle East and Africa

Through the archives: stories on growth, investment and feed innovation in MEA

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

We take a look back of some of the stories in the past 24 months that proved popular in relation to acquisitions, market expansion, R&D and international projects aimed at supporting feed industry development in Africa and the Middle East (MEA) regions....

Neovia has moved to strengthen its presence in Vietnam

Neovia has moved to strengthen its presence in Vietnam

By Jane Byrne

The French group said it is in the process of acquiring a new factory located in the Binh Dinh province in central Vietnam, and has also greenlighted several other investment projects in that South East Asian country.