'We have a better understanding now of all the social and environmental impacts of any kind of expansion we could be planning in our operations - we had nothing like this before in the market,' says Michel Santos, director of sustainability, Bunge     © GettyImages/petmal

Land use tool aimed at sustainable expansion of Brazilian soy farming

By Jane Byrne

Technology is allowing producers a way to find already cleared land to grow soybeans sustainably in Brazil’s Cerrado and Amazon regions, keeping forests intact while maximizing economic returns, says a major soy trader and an environmental organization....

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Reports from Feed Protein Vision 2018

Are high protein soybeans on the horizon?

By Jane Byrne

The depressed protein content of oil meals combined with the lack of sufficient growth in fuel and fermentation co-products is encouraging the development of novel sources of protein, says Sara Girardello head of LMC International’s starch research team.

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NIFA offers $1.2m for aquaculture, feed research

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Fish feed, functional feed additives, aquaculture practices and production sustainability are among the areas of focus for a new round of grant funding on offer from NIFA.