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New twist in US vitamin C anti-trust battle

By Jane Byrne

Two US companies may have a chance of collecting $148m in damages as a US Supreme Court ruling deems that the Chinese firms targeted in a vitamin C price fixing lawsuit were not compelled to follow China’s trade laws.

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Momentum around mandatory GM feed labelling in France

By Jane Byrne

French politicians have adopted a proposal which, if enacted, would mean animal protein products from animals raised on genetically modified (GM) feed would have to carry on-pack labels stating ‘fed with GMOs’.


US organic industry takes steps to crack down on fraud

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Preventing falsely labeled organic feed grain use is one element involved in a soon-to-start pilot aimed at addressing the risk of organic fraud in the global industry, said OTA executive director.

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Traders, farmers fined over links to deforestation in Cerrado

By Jane Byrne

Five traders and multiple soy farmers have been penalized to the tune of 105.7 million reais (US $29 million) in total for soybean cultivation and purchasing that is connected to illegal deforestation, the Brazilian environmental authorities reported...