Feed enzyme development on ADM's radar

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

ADM has opened a new enzyme research facility in Davis, California, partly focused on optimizing such products' use in animal health and nutrition.

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Reports from Feed Protein Vision 2018

Waitrose, McDonald's and WWF see partnerships as vital for sustainable feed

By Jane Byrne

The retailer, fast food company, and NGO took part in an interactive panel debate during a workshop style event, at our conference, Feed Protein Vision 2018, last month. They were asked to explain why sustainable animal feed protein is relevant for the...

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The Netherlands sees record pork exports

By Jane Byrne

Dutch exports of fresh and frozen pork increased by 6% to 913,400 tons in 2017 compared to 2016, which represented the largest volume of exports in the trade record going back to 1997.