EFSA finds Novus feed additive boosts growth in broilers and layers

By Jane Byrne

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US company, Novus, has garnered a positive opinion from EFSA for the use of its feed additive – a benzoic acid, calcium formate and fumaric acid combination – in poultry.

The product – AviMatrix –  is intended to be used as a zootechnical additive in feed of chickens for fattening, chickens reared for laying, minor avian species for fattening and minor avian species reared to point of lay to increase performance.

EFSA’s panel on additives and products or substances used in animal feed (FEEDAP) said data from three trials provided evidence​that the product at 500 mg/kg complete feed has the potential to improve the growth of chickens for fattening.

“The dose proposed for use with chickens reared for laying and minor poultry species for fattening and to point of lay is the same as that demonstrated being efficacious in a physiologically similar major species (chickens for fattening) and it can be reasonably assumed that the mode of action is the same.

“Consequently, the conclusion on efficacy for chickens for fattening can be extended to chickens reared for laying and extrapolated to minor poultry species for fattening and to point of lay.”

Uwe Ranft, area general manager, Europe and Middle East, Novus, said the positive conclusions from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on AviMatrix demonstrated the company’s innovation capabilities and its commitment to sustainable animal production.


The additive had not been authorized in the EU before.

The FEEDAP panel adopted an opinion in 2014 on AviMatrix in which a definitive conclusion on the safety and efficacy of the additive as a zootechnical additive could not be drawn. The panel cited insufficient tolerance data and limited and inconsistent evidence of efficacy as the reasons.

However, the Commission gave Novus the possibility to submit complementary information in order to complete the assessment and allow a revision of the Authority's opinion.  

Subsequently, Novus submitted additional data in November last year related to the safety and the efficacy of the additive for the target species, the subject of this opinion.


The FEEDAP panel said it considers that the additive is tolerated by chickens for fattening up to the maximum recommended dose - 1,000 mg/kg complete feed – and that this conclusion can be extended to chickens reared for laying.

However, since no conclusion could be drawn on the margin of safety, the safety of the additive to minor avian species for fattening and to point of lay cannot be extrapolated, it added.

The full EFSA opinion can be read here​.

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