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Soybean prices are falling. Image Source: Getty Images/Drs Producoes

Why are soybean prices falling?

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

Despite challenges from regulation and climate, soybean prices have spent the last year falling. What accounts for this?

Salmon farm in Norway © GettyImages/undefined undefined

Skretting looks to precision nutrition for environmental gain

By Jane Byrne

Skretting has introduced AmiNova, a feed formulation aimed at reducing the environmental impact of aquaculture. The company looked to enhance precision in fish nutrition by focusing on an ideal digestible amino acid profile rather than just crude or digestible...

The patented IsDeCa Batch Mixer technology © Center for Feed Technology (FôrTek) at NMBU

New mixing tech promises sustainable salmon feed

By Jane Byrne

New mixing technology has been designed in such a way as to optimize product development and enable the integration of novel liquid raw ingredients in feed, according to its inventors.

'The effect of extrusion on nutrients and the potential interaction of extrusion and protein sources have not been studied extensively in pet food.' © GettyImages/Compassionate Eye Foundation/Martin Barraud/OJO Images Ltd

Extrusion enhances amino acid digestibility in grain-free pet food

By Jane Byrne

A study examining the effects of single and twin thermal screw extrusion on the protein quality of grain-free pet foods including animal- or plant-based protein ingredients found that amino acid digestibility increases after extrusion compared to raw...

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ADM expands feed product recall

By Jane Byrne

ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of ADM, has announced an expansion of the recall initially issued in March and April this year.

Image: Getty/Zbynek Pospisil

Budding European agtech start-ups buoyant after Corteva partnership

By Oliver Morrison

A new tie-up between agritech giant Corteva Agriscience and Dutch accelerator StartLife, which supports start-ups in the food and agriculture sectors, aims to enable solutions through open innovation and speed the path to market breakthrough agrifood...

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US soybean crush declines as biofuel demand slows

By Jane Byrne

The US National Oilseed Processors Association (NOPA) reported a significant dip in domestic soybean crush in April, attributed to rising soybean prices and slowing biofuel demand.