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Blue Food Innovation Summit 2024 in London for sustainable aquaculture
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Blue Food Innovation Summit 2024: Scaling novel solutions and diversifying raw materials for aquafeed

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With growing environmental concerns around global ocean health, and tighter regulations impacting aquaculture and fishery production systems, producers are seeking new sustainable solutions including alternative feed sources to boost immunity, combat diseases and scale production.

The UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) report in 2022 stated that “aquafeed production needs to double to over 100 million tonnes by 2050”.1​ However traditional raw materials, such as fishmeal and fish oil, are coming under increased strain due to limited availability. As the market moves towards new innovative aquafeed solutions and alternative ingredients to sustain this surging demand, the focus is on the right ingredients to support scalability.

New feed solutions will be a hot button topic at the upcoming Blue Food Innovation Summit in London on May 21-22. The summit brings together international aquaculture producers, nutritionists, feed manufacturers and experts at the forefront of investing in and developing solutions for nature-positive, resilient aquaculture and ocean regeneration.

Over 85 senior industry speakers will attend, including DSM-Firmenich, the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), Regal Springs, Aker Biomarine, the EU Commission, SeaBos, Thai Union, MOWI, Biomar, The Kingfish Company, Zoetis, Aqua-Spark, Hatch Blue, SSP, and FeedNavigator’s Senior Editor, Jane Byrne.

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Endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade, the summit aims to foster collaboration among leaders in production, technology, retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), policymaking, and investment. Focused at the nexus of food security and sustainability, it serves as a catalyst for scalable solutions, with critical conversations sparking urgent collective action across the blue food sector.

The need for aquafeed innovation: What we know

Recent years have witnessed the rise of novel feed ingredients and nutrition solutions to address the demand for more sustainable blue protein sources. However, a major hurdle still lies within building confidence among aquaculture producers globally to adopt these new feed models within their production processes and support new technologies to scale.

A 2024 review led by the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation (IFFO) acknowledges these supply chain constraints, and the need for "​a critical assessment of various ingredient classes before adopting them in existing formulation processes".2​ The Hatch Blue 2024 Report echoes these concerns, citing "challenging production processes, financial restraints and lengthy trial periods" as significant roadblocks towards scalable adoption.3

Fortunately, the aquafeed sector is brimming with exciting possibilities as more research, technological advancements and investment are being brought into the sector.

A central focus of the Blue Food Innovation Summit programme will see FeedNavigator Senior Editor Jane Byrne chair a panel of distinguished leaders from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, DSM-Firmenich, Regal Springs, and Innovafeed, to debate the most promising areas of aquafeed innovation. Discussion points from this panel include:

  • Harnessing the power of novel protein sources​ Insect-based, microbial and algae-based protein sources offer sustainable and scalable alternative feedstock solutions for aquafeed production, with minimal environmental footprint. Which key ingredients are gaining momentum in development and investment? What are the practical considerations of integrating novel ingredients into large-scale aquafeed production?
  • Expanding the raw materials basket ​How are blue food producers creating resilient and transparent systems for marine and raw materials basket? How are climate impact and environmental degradation impacting the use of raw ingredients in aquafeed?
  • Optimising feed formulations​ With inflation and access to raw materials changing the practice of producers globally and the rising development of genetically engineered ingredients, what challenges and opportunities emerge on the horizon?

The aquafeed innovation panel discussion is part of the comprehensive two-day programme taking place on and off stage at the Blue Food Innovation Summit. From advancements in digital platforms and AI-driven production, to carbon-reduced feed and aquatic health and welfare, the summit presents a pivotal opportunity for feed providers, producers, investors and innovators to stay ahead of the curve in sustainable aquaculture.

Away from the main stage, the Blue Food Innovation Summit exhibition showcases interactive exhibits from solutions providers with the latest advancements in aquafeed and aquaculture technology, ​including a dedicated start-up exhibition and technology showcase.

A network of over 350 senior blue economy visionaries and pioneers will attend to benefit from rich insights from its stellar speaker line-up, boasting a roster of renowned thought leaders from across the international aquaculture sector, including leading producers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry executives.

Delegates will participate in a choice of engaging debates and roundtable sessions that delve deeper into specific topics related to aquafeed innovation, allowing for focused learning, networking and knowledge exchange.

The summit fosters a dynamic networking environment, supported by its sophisticated 1-1 networking app to facilitate connections between delegates, speakers and exhibitors, and to book scheduled meetings at dedicated tables. Delegates will connect with fellow industry professionals from more than 20 countries to forge new partnerships and explore potential collaborations that can propel advancements in aquafeed innovation.

The full programme, speaking faculty and delegate registration are available at Blue Food Innovation Summit.

Dates​ May 21-22
Venue ​Hilton London Bankside


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