Layn Natural Ingredients: TruGroⓇ by Layn

Layn Natural Ingredients: TruGroⓇ by Layn

Layn Natural Ingredients is one of the world’s largest innovators and direct manufacturers of natural botanical extract ingredients and solutions serving the biggest brands in food, beverage, flavor, nutraceutical, personal care, and animal and pet nutrition over 25 years.

Demand for natural ingredients and clean labels in animal feed and pet food is increasing. TruGro® is Layn Natural Ingredients’ fully dedicated business unit committed to the agronomy, production and innovation of science-backed polyphenol-rich extracts in animal and pet nutrition applications. 

  • TruGro®​ MAX is a scientifically proven feed additive platform that includes natural solutions based in polyphenol rich extracts as metabolic antioxidants to improve feed efficiency and meat quality.
  • TruGro®​ AR is a scientifically validated natural, botanical replacement for antibiotics as growth promoters.
  • TruGro®​ SW feed additive is formulated with plant-based sweeteners, naturally stimulates piglet feed intake to promote gut maturation, health and growth.
  • TruGro®​ AOX botanical feed additive extends shelf life of animal feed, providing critical antioxidant protection for the vast array of commonly used fats & oils so feed substrate remains wholesome, nutritious and palatable.

Layn offers a secure, manufacturer-direct, transparent and scalable supply chain with more than 2.2 million square feet of state-of-the-art extraction and global innovation centers globally. 

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