As an innovating, reliable supplier of ingredients, for over fifty years Roquette has been investing heavily in animal nutrition, developing its high-level expertise throughout the many different demands of the international marketplace.
roquette animal nutrition -very high quality feed ingredients

Roquette provides ingredients developed from four raw materials that are primarily aimed at makers of feed for livestock and pets. Supplying a large product range to animal nutrition globally has resulted in our 2MT annual sales.

As an expanding global company, Roquette offers more than sixty products, with others under constant development. The company possesses in-depth experience in diverse applications including, among others: farm feeding, compound feed, premix, aquaculture, pet food, piglets feed, CMR (calf milk replacers), and veterinarian labs.

Client service is the unvarying fundamental that keeps Roquette at the very forefront of its client’s success.

We offer two major families of products:

  • Our commodities dealing in products rich in fiber and mid-proteins, generally offered in the form of pellets for manufacturers of feed compounds, while also available in liquid or humid form for direct use by breeders;
  • Our specialties include proteins, starches and derivative products, employed for nutritional as well as technological purposes, predominantly for manufacturers of special feed products for dogs, cats, fish, and young animals.