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Irish pig feed player invests to meet Brexit challenges head-on

By Jane Byrne

The Brett Group, an Irish integrated multinational pork and bacon processor with annual revenues of €100m, is striving for greater production efficiency, particularly in feed milling, to mitigate against Brexit led market volatility.

'The farmers were extremely forthright, skeptical at the start but very open to new ideas, and, in the end, were very collaborative, which helped in ensuring PLF tools trialed were applicable in the field' © Cowmatix

What does a coughing pig reveal?

By Jane Byrne

Is precision livestock farming (PLF) still a utopian dream or does agribusiness see such tools as potentially transformative?

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Feed efficiency improvements boost dairy sustainability

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Nutritionists have a role to play in reducing the environmental footprint of the dairy industry, says researcher.