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EFSA unsure about efficacy of clay mineral

By Jane Byrne

EFSA has reiterated its previous conclusion that bentonite is safe for all animal species, the consumers and the environment when used at a maximum level of 20,000 mg/kg complete feed.

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Question over safety of GM bacteria derived feed product

By Jane Byrne

EFSA was unable to conclude on the safety of a feed material produced by fermentation with Escherichia coli, a by-product of the production of l-lysine, for certain animals and for meat consumers. 

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UPDATED: DSM contests EFSA findings on phytase additive

By Jane Byrne

DSM has raised questions about an EFSA opinion that claimed a lack of supporting evidence for the panel to draw a conclusion on the efficacy of a phytase at a reduced dosage in feed for growing pigs.

Support for EFSA findings on zinc MPLs in feed

Support for EFSA findings on zinc MPLs in feed

By Jane Byrne

Numerous EU countries have endorsed the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) opinion from May last year that there should be a reduction in the content of zinc allowed in feed for all farmed animals.


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