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Special Edition: IPPE Reports

FSMA-related feed testing project seeks more volunteers

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Feed industry investigations attempting to trace specific strains of salmonella that might be present in animal feed are advancing, yet face a challenge in participation.

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Special Edition: Reports from IPPE

Feed screening systems see increasing industry interest

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Regulatory changes and record keeping are some of the elements that maybe be increasing feed industry interest in using metal detectors during the feed generation process, says product manager.

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Bühler invests in feed education

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

A gift from Bühler Inc to the Iowa State University Foundation has created a lecturer’s position in feed technology at the institution.

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Harvey may have caused $200m ag loss in Texas

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August and may have left upwards of $200m in agricultural related losses in its wake, including in feed, animals and infrastructure, say economists.


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