Genetically Modified Organism

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Special Edition: Organic Feed

US organic feed grains have room to grow

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Despite continuing interest in organic feed production, organic crops production is not keeping pace, says analyst.

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Jury trial requested in amended complaint

US: Lawsuit claims 'natural' label is misleading if milk from GM feed used

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

A lawsuit argues the 'all natural' label on a range of Dannon yogurts is misleading as the products "contain ingredients derived from animals who are fed genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and subjected to 'non-natural processes'...

Monsanto's MON810 corn is the only commercially successful GM crop cultivated in Europe - but it accounts for less than 1% of European-grown corn

Monsanto pulls European GM crop applications


Monsanto has denied media claims that it is pulling out of Europe – although it has said it will withdraw pending applications for four genetically modified crops in the EU.

World's sixth biggest GM grower, China will continue to import soy

Growth of GM

World's sixth biggest GM grower, China will continue to import soy

By RJ Whitehead

As concerns grow for the security of food supplies for its billion-plus population, China—the sixth biggest producer of genetically modified crops—has resolved to continue importing GM soybeans to satisfy domestic demand.

Most consumers would like labels to indicate GM presence

FSA survey: Majority of UK consumers back GM labelling


Two-thirds of UK consumers think it is important that genetically modified (GM) foods are labelled, although only 2% actively look for GM content when buying foods for the first time, according to a new report from the Food Standards Agency (FSA).