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FarmLead expands to offer pricing data, info

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

The online grain sales platform FarmLead is expanding its services to offer users a richer picture of market prices, and historical trends for grains and feed ingredients, says CEO.

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Special Edition: e-commerce trends

Online grain marketplace launches grain testing service

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

To help farmers improve the marketability of their feed and food grains, FarmLead is now offering a grain testing service which provides 24-hour access to labs and results, says CEO.

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COFCO and Growmark in grain alliance

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

US grain co-op, Growmark, has established a partnership with COFCO as it seeks to expand the co-op’s feed and grain export market internationally, says executive director.

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Feed, grains continue to kill in the US

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

In 2016, the US saw 30 deaths related to confined agricultural spaces including feed grain bins and handling facilities, says safety expert.

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Nebraska feed mill faces $500K fine after employee death

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

An employee of Prinz Grain and Feed was killed in May this year when he entered a grain bin to clear corn from the sides of an enclosed container, and was engulfed by grain as walls of corn collapsed upon him.


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