Greenhouse Gas

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Farm emissions tax proposed in Ireland

By Jane Byrne

A call by an academic for Irish livestock farmers to pay for greenhouse gas emissions produced by on-farm activities has been criticized in some quarters.

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Special Edition: Animal husbandry: genetics, nutrition and management link

Feed efficiency improvements boost dairy sustainability

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Nutritionists have a role to play in reducing the environmental footprint of the dairy industry, says researcher.

'Antibiotics may have knock-on effects on parts of the ecosystem where no one has even thought of looking before,' says Tomas Roslin, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Image ©

Expert says future research should focus on the effect of antibiotics on methane emissions from cow belching

Research shows antibiotics intensify methane emissions

By Jane Byrne

A study by US, UK, Finnish and Swedish researchers is said to provide the first demonstration that antibiotics can increase dung emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas (GHG).

System for life cycle assessment of feed hailed as 'milestone'

Special edition: environmental footprint reduction initiatives

System for life cycle assessment of feed hailed as 'milestone'

By Jane Byrne

The new LCA guidelines, developed under the LEAP project, are ‘game changing’ as they synchronize the plethora of existing feed impact assessment methods and provide the feed sector with one set of rules to reduce its environmental footprint, said FEFAC.