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Broiler gut health: is Novus backed research showing the way?

Gut health in broilers: is Novus backed research showing the way?

By Jane Byrne

The team behind an industry and academia collaborative project claims they have pinpointed seven potential biomarkers for gut barrier failure in broilers – an outcome that could support the hunt for effective antibiotic alternatives in poultry production.

Using xylanase in conjunction with phytase super-dosing resulted in a 4% improvement in broiler bodyweight gain

Phytase-xylanase combo: taking super-dosing to the next level

By Lynda Searby

Whilst the poultry feed industry is still getting its head around the concept of phytase ‘super-dosing’, AB Vista has come out with the results of a new study which advocates combining phytase super-dosing with a single-enzyme xylanase.


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