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US: Forage protein may not be what it once was

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

An examination of forage nutritional quality measurements taken for 22 years found a continued decreased in the level of available protein, says researcher.

Increase in consumption of protein dense meat products pressurizing feed raw material supply: LMC International © GettyImages/RTimages

Future feed protein supply - where are the likely bottlenecks?

By Jane Byrne

The supply of protein rich starch co-products like vital wheat gluten and corn gluten meal will be hard pressed to keep up with demand, warns LMC International; the consultancy has been evaluating protein supply in the food and feed segments and how that...

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Special Edition: Protein Alternatives

How low can you go? Amino acid balance key to low protein poultry diets

By Jane Byrne

In the second of our two articles on his work into protein alternatives, Marinus van Krimpen, animal nutrition researcher, Wageningen Livestock Research, tells us about insights gleaned in a study evaluating the potential of free amino acids as partial...

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Special Edition: Alternative Proteins

Yeast, algae and insects galore: protein innovations for 2017

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

This month, as we look at projects aimed at developing novel sources of proteins for animal feed, we also dip into the archive to give you a flavour of some of our previous coverage on this topic. 

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Special Edition: Protein Alternatives

Seaweed may offer promise as novel protein source

By Jane Byrne

Dutch researchers are weighing up the benefits of seaweed, grass, and microalgae as novel protein sources as well as analyzing the impact of increasing the content of synthetic amino acids in poultry feed as a way of reducing dependence on meal from imported...

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Special Edition: Protein Alternatives

Mealworm meal supports shrimp growth, development

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Farmed shrimp may be set to see a change in menu options from fishmeal to mealworm meal, as the alternative feed ingredient supports growth and production, say researchers.  

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Shrimp trial sets stage for insect protein in aquafeed

By Lynda Searby

French insect protein player Ynsect is warming up the aquaculture feed market in advance of next July, with the release of research results that substantiate the growth performance of its TMP insect meal in shrimp.