Supply Chain

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Benefits of blockchain: lower costs, transparency and gains for SMEs

By Jane Byrne

Blockchain can benefit agribusiness by bringing down trade transaction costs, increasing transparency in supply chains, giving smaller companies competitive strength and also bringing new business opportunities in terms of data services, says an expert.

'If you look at all the animal sectors here, you will see that the average farm size is really low—it’s a very fragmented market, which leads us to supply most of our customers indirectly through a dealer network.' © GettyImages/Gabriel_Bostan

De Heus rejects vertical integration model in Myanmar

By Richard Whitehead

Though vertical integration is the most popular model for feed producers in Southeast Asia, it is not the only way to operate commercially. Instead, De Heus has chosen to work with suppliers at the center of the Myanmar value chain to build their business...

Cargill to expand its poultry processing plant

UK firm wants to be more transparent after Horse Meat scandal

Cargill in $56m chicken processing expansion

By Jenny Eagle

Cargill will roll out a £35m ($56m) phased investment plan over the next three years to upgrade its technology and improve machinery at its chicken processing plant in the UK.