Reports from VICTAM 2019, in Cologne

EFS Holland focused on raw material decontamination early on in the feed chain

By Jane Byrne

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EFS Holland was promoting its new feed raw material mobile decontamination plant at VICTAM 2019 in Cologne last month.

We spoke to the owner of that Dutch company, Bert van Bremen, about this novel approach to decontamination at the feed technology trade show.

He told us the mobile unit has been in operation since November last year, with demand from raw material traders in the Netherlands, various parts of Germany and also from traders based in the Benelux, all of whom import raw materials from all over the world, and who can have feed raw material contaminated with bacteria like Salmonella​ in storage at a port.

“If a customer has a problem with contamination of raw material by bacteria, we just put the mobile plant on a truck and go there, treating the raw material on the spot.”

There is no need to transport feed or feed materials towards and from decontamination facilities, saving time, energy, labor fuel and costs, he said. There is no risk of transporting contaminated, Salmonella​ positive material from one place to another, he added.

The mobile unit can treat between 30 and 60 tons of raw material per hour. It works through a combination of chemical reaction and the application of technical expertise, relying on organic acids and other products to attack pathogenic enterobacteria in raw materials.

Bespoke approach

The company stressed the bespoke nature of its decontamination service; the approach to treatment is decided in consultation with the user.

“When the correct recommended dosage is used, our decontaminating products such as Bact-Aid and Stabilacid liquid will not cause any toxicity in the treated raw material.”

Dosage depends on the physical and chemical properties of the product to be treated, the level of contamination and the pathogens present, said the company.

During and following treatment, the raw material is sampled and analyzed for microbial levels. The service is also suitable for organic raw materials, according to EFS Holland.  .

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