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Special Edition: Early Animal Nutrition

Why is methionine important for young chicks?

By Jane Byrne

Poultry feed producers today have multiple options for supplementing birds’ diets with a crystalline form of methionine (Met) including DL- methionine and, more recently, L- methionine, but Evonik says accuracy in supplementation of Met is critical for...

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Further antibiotic reductions in UK farming praised

By Jane Byrne

UK activist group, the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture (RUMA) Alliance, has hailed the 18% reduction recorded for last year in sales of all antibiotics used to treat UK farm animals last year.

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DSM expands premix production in India

By Jane Byrne

Last week saw DSM open its second animal nutrition and health premix plant in India. The factory is located in Jadcherla, near Hyderabad.

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Green light for rapeseed meal imports from India to China

By Jane Byrne

China has dropped a ban on rapeseed meal imports from India as the government seeks to diversify sources of protein used in livestock and poultry feed given the trade war with the US, reported Reuters citing Chinese officials.

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No let up in feed demand in Myanmar

By Jane Byrne

The Myanmar livestock feed industry has been growing steadily; the country’s total feed demand in 2018 is likely to increase by 15% from the previous year, and could reach 4 million metric tons (MMT) in 2020, report trade sources.

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Two acquisitions help diversify Zinpro product portfolio

By Jane Byrne

US trace mineral producer, Zinpro Corporation, is acquiring two US companies involved in water-soluble-based animal nutrition and nutritional support products - Paragon Specialty Products (PSP), which is based in Alabama, and CouvLotta, which is located...