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Special Edition: Gut Health

Nutriad: Weighing up AGP alternatives for poultry

By Lynda Searby

Poultry producers wanting to limit their use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) need to maximize the performance of gut health feed additives by selecting ones that have been proven in vivo and that guarantee delivery to all parts of the intestinal...

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Three-in-one probiotic offers interactive benefits for poultry

By Paul Gander

Poultry farmers wanting to boost productivity and safeguard animal health, while minimizing the use of antibiotics, will soon be able to access what its creator says is the most heavily-researched three-in-one probiotic product for the poultry market. 

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Bacteriophages: an alternative to antibiotics for fish farms?

By Lynda Searby

An EU-funded project led by the Spanish marine environment and food technology center AZTI is close to determining whether bacteriophages could be a viable alternative to antibiotics for destroying pathogens in aquaculture.

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Concerns over EFSA recommendation on copper levels in feed

By Jane Byrne

The European Commission has told an EU committee that EFSA’s opinion recommending a reduction in the currently authorized maximum copper content levels in complete feed has generated a lot of reaction within industry and trade associations.

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Special Edition: Gut Health

Cargill aiming to model the effect of antibiotics

By Jane Byrne

What is the current strategy of Cargill Animal Nutrition (CAN) in terms of boosting animal immune development, disease resistance and performance?