Three-in-one probiotic offers interactive benefits for poultry

By Paul Gander

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Poultry farmers wanting to boost productivity and safeguard animal health, while minimizing the use of antibiotics, will soon be able to access what its creator says is the most heavily-researched three-in-one probiotic product for the poultry market. 

Chr Hansen said it would launch GalliPro Fit in the US in August 2017, and in other markets worldwide “over the coming years”.

The trio of probiotics consists of: two strains of Bacillus subtilis, DSM 32324 and DSM 32325, and one of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, DSM 25840. These strains have been dubbed by Chr Hansen, respectively, the ‘King’, ‘Queen’ and ‘Knight’ of the supplement. 

“This is the first combination probiotic product created by Chr Hansen for poultry,” ​senior VP for animal health Vilson Simon told FeedNavigator. “It’s not the first combination product for poultry on the market, but none of the others has been so extensively researched.” 

He added: “In fact, despite the three years or so of research, we are only really starting to scratch the surface in terms of understanding the combined mode of action. That process of interpreting their interactions is quite complex and is ongoing.” 

Productivity and optimal health

The research, carried out in conjunction with institutes in North America and Europe, initially centered on selecting the single strains, mostly in vitro. Later, in vivo trials based in the field, in universities and among customers focused on the combined product.

“Farmers face multiple problems,” ​said Simon. “They’re looking for improved productivity together with optimum health. Striking the right balance between these two sets of priorities is the real challenge.”

In a press statement, lead scientist on the research project Dorthe Sandvang said: “[The product has] been proven to effectively boost digestive performance, limit the growth of enteric pathogens and stimulate the immune system in broilers, layers and turkeys.”

Chr Hansen groups the main benefits under five categories: performance parameters, including support for normal intestinal integrity and function and for the efficient absorption of nutrients; intestinal stability, inhibiting the proliferation of unwelcome pathogens; digestibility of protein, carbohydrates and non-starch polysaccharides; stimulation of the immune system, supporting intestinal barrier functions and immunosurveillance; and competitive exclusion, preventing pathogenic E.coli from adhering to the intestinal wall.

Digestibility and absorption

Of two of these areas, digestibility and absorption, Simon said: “There is scientific evidence that both can be impacted positively by probiotics. For example, one of our probiotics leads to the production of protease enzymes, which improve both digestibility and absorption of proteins, and hence weight gain.”

As he explained, an enhanced ability to fight key microbiological threats such as E. coli and Salmonella is not only about food safety. Improved intestinal stability also means that the valuable energy from nutrients is not drawn away into fighting pathogens.

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