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News in Brief

Nutriad acquires Feed Flavour International

By Jane Byrne

Nutriad, which produces flavor and sweetener solutions for animal feed, has acquired the 45% share stake of its local partner in Nantong based Feed Flavour International (FFI); upon completion of that transaction, Nutriad will own 100% of the Chinese...

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Special Edition: Asian Pacific Feed Developments

Chinese feed industry getting 'more sophisticated'

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

The feed industry in China is seeing heightened feed safety regulation, greater industry integration and innovation.

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US picks WTO 'feed' fight with China

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

The US has challenged China through the World Trade Organization (WTO) regarding government support of wheat, corn and rice. 

European salmon producers are increasingly seeing China as a lucrative export market

China's boom will fuel global seafood price growth

By RJ Whitehead

Whereas China is the key driver of the world’s seafood industry, by the end of a decade of growing affluence among its population, the country’s role will have changed dramatically, bringing wholesale changes to global prices of most major premium seafood...