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New EU standard iodine method for feed

By Jane Byrne

A new method, developed by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), to ensure that iodine content in feed stays below EU maximum level limits has been approved as the European standard.

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‘Key challenge for the UK pork sector is litter size’

By Jane Byrne

The low number of pigs weaned per sow per year in all UK systems is still a major cause of that market’s relatively high cost of production and a factor that needs to be addressed if UK pig production costs are to remain competitive with the rest of Europe,...

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Vote imminent on formaldehyde as feed additive

By Jane Byrne

A vote is due next week on the tabled EU Commission proposal to deny authorization of formaldehyde as a feed additive for use as a preservative and hygiene condition enhancer.

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EU: No decision taken on glyphosate

By Jane Byrne

The decisive vote due today on the reauthorization of the EU license for the controversial herbicide, glyphosate, did not take place - it was postponed.

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MEPs propose glyphosate ban by end of 2020

By Jane Byrne

Environment Committee MEPs have called for a full ban on glyphosate-based herbicides in the EU by December 2020 and immediate restrictions on the use of the substance.

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More countries back EU soy declaration

By Jane Byrne

A German-Hungarian proposal has been backed by 13 EU member states; they signed the European Soy declaration yesterday (17 July).

FEFAC, reacting, stressed the need for an improved regulatory framework on authorization of feed additives, feed labelling and claims on nutritional benefits for maintaining a good animal health status, in order to facilitate transfer of nutritional knowledge and innovative solutions to the farm level. © istock

EU action plan to fight antimicrobial resistance

By Jane Byrne

The Commission has committed to continuing to promote animal husbandry and feeding regimes that support good animal health and welfare to reduce the use of antibiotics at farm level.

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Agriculture lobby has wish list for the incoming UK government

By Jane Byrne

The Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), a trade group representing the feed, crop protection, and fertilizer industries in the UK, has produced a manifesto outlining what the UK agri-supply industry wants the next government to deliver.

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GM case: legal expert rejects ‘precautionary principle’ grounds

By Jane Byrne

An opinion from an advocate general (AG) about a European Court of Justice (ECJ) case found EU states should only adopt emergency measures regarding genetically modified feed and food if they can establish a clear and serious risk to health and the environment.

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Vote against GM crops for cultivation in Europe

By Jane Byrne

EU states yesterday (27 March) failed to deliver a qualified majority supporting the approval of two new GM crops for cultivation in Europe. A licence renewal of the only GM crop currently approved for cultivation in the EU was also not backed.

'The EU has some of the highest food safety and animal welfare standards in the world which imports to the bloc must meet, otherwise our safety standards will be compromised.' Copa and Cogeca © istock/RGtimeline

Mercosur deal: Brussels pressed over Brazilian meat scandal

By Jane Byrne

The EU farm lobby has stressed concerns over meat standards and safety must be given priority in discussions with the Latin American trade bloc in the wake of the corruption scandal engulfing Brazil’s meat industry.

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EU parliament votes to keep food losses as feed, not waste

By Jane Byrne

The feed and formers foodstuffs sectors have welcomed the plenary vote by the EU Parliament backing a Commission proposal to leave raw materials placed on the market as feed outside the scope of the new waste regulation. 


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