Immune System

'The literature is filled with conflicting outcomes when using exogenous enzymes.' © istock

Cattle could benefit from enzyme boost, says study

By Paul Gander

The use of exogenous enzyme supplementation has been shown to improve feed efficiency, support beneficial microflora and suppress pathogens, but a new study says there has been too little research on the benefits for ruminants as opposed to other livestock.

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Three-in-one probiotic offers interactive benefits for poultry

By Paul Gander

Poultry farmers wanting to boost productivity and safeguard animal health, while minimizing the use of antibiotics, will soon be able to access what its creator says is the most heavily-researched three-in-one probiotic product for the poultry market. 

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FeedNavigator wants you: sign up for our poultry gut health webinar today

What is needed to reduce the inflammation of the gut in birds?

By Jane Byrne

Find out during our online webinar next week where we discuss ways to boost the intestinal health of poultry, a critical aspect of welfare and productivity. 

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Dispatches from EuroTier 2016

ADM continues to build case for yeast and immune defense

By Jane Byrne

ADM Animal Nutrition says it is investing in R&D to strengthen the use of its well-established whole cell yeast product, Citristim, in aquaculture, while it continues to shore up its knowledge on the additive's influence on immunity and gut health. 

Egg immunoglobulins have been proven to reduce diarrhea in young calves and piglets

Egg powder immunoglobin science gains global acceptance

By Lynda Searby

The concept of including egg powder immunoglobulins in formulations to support the undeveloped immune systems of young animals has been adopted by feed mills across the globe, reports EW Nutrition.