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News in Brief

EU grain crop estimates in

By Jane Byrne

The EU 2017-18 total grain crop estimate is 301.5 million tons, according to data released by COCERAL, the EU association of trade in cereals, rice, feedstuffs and oilseeds.

Increase in consumption of protein dense meat products pressurizing feed raw material supply: LMC International © GettyImages/RTimages

Future feed protein supply - where are the likely bottlenecks?

By Jane Byrne

The supply of protein rich starch co-products like vital wheat gluten and corn gluten meal will be hard pressed to keep up with demand, warns LMC International; the consultancy has been evaluating protein supply in the food and feed segments and how that...

'While there is still plenty of wheat around from the previous campaign, there are signals the market is tightening.' © istock/ollinka

Wheat market may be tightening

By Jane Byrne

The market has been seeing a hike in wheat prices, following weather related risks emerging in key exporting producer countries, says an analyst.

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Global grain market snapshot: weather and politics still loom large

By Jane Byrne

The impact of the persistent dryness and the April cold spell remains to be quantified in Europe but it has becoming more evident that the likely recovery in EU wheat production after last year’s disaster will not be as large as first thought, say analysts.

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US sees corn, wheat market expand in Chile

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

The US is becoming the top supplier of the feed grains wheat and corn to Chile, having ousted Canada from the position, says the USDA.

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Dispatches from EuroTier 2016

Feed climbs up the rankings at Roquette

By Jane Byrne

Feed ingredient sales have become increasingly critical to Roquette’s overall income, accounting for 25% of its $3bn turnover now.

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Vietnam seeing hike in feed wheat imports

By Jane Byrne

Unlike milling wheat that has maintained an almost stable import volume, feed wheat imports into Vietnam in marketing year (MY) 2015/2016 increased sharply, due to their price competitiveness when compared to imported corn prices, finds a USDA report.

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US corn planting gathers momentum

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

Corn planting has started across the US, the rate of which is ahead of the five year average, finds the USDA.