Zinc Oxide

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UK team investigates the impact of zinc oxide ban in pig diets

By Jane Byrne

A consortium led by the Roslin Institute has been awarded £1.1m (US$1.39m) by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) to study the effects of the ban on zinc oxide in UK pig diets, focusing on antimicrobial resistance (AMR)...

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Five issues that will shape the feed industry for the coming year

By Jane Byrne

Industry concerns vary from region to region and from species to species but there are some common challenges for the global feed and farming sectors throughout 2021, says Erik Visser, CEO of Danish soy protein producer, Hamlet Protein in an outlook.

Rethinking EU pig farming

Rethinking EU pig farming

By Jane Byrne

Post-weaning diarrhea is high on the agenda again in EU pig farming, with therapeutic levels of zinc oxide being phased out, and that legislative move comes on the back of an enforced reduction in copper levels in EU piglet rations as well as ongoing...

Christina Brødkner explains research into zinc oxide alternatives © Hamlet Protein

Hamlet Protein looks to fiber as zinc alternative

By Aerin Einstein-Curtis

The hunt is on to find an alternative to zinc oxide in young pig diets given regulatory developments in the EU and China, Danish company Hamlet Protein, in that context, is looking at the use of fiber additives in feed.

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Weaning without zinc oxide

By Jane Byrne

The ban on the use of zinc oxide for weaned pigs in the EU comes into effect in June 2022, providing a challenge for EU pig production – how to continue to produce pigs without using a high level zinc oxide at weaning and without relying more on antibiotics...

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AB Agri acquires Polish young animal nutrition firm

By Jane Byrne

AB Agri Ltd, part of Association British Foods, has acquired Michel Pasze, a specialist young animal nutrition business based in Smigiel, Poland. It will operate as Primary Diets Polska.