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Prototyping technology taps into microbiome modulation potential

By Lynda Searby

A hydrolyzed brewers’ spent grain ingredient with prebiotic properties is the first commercial product to come out of Embion Technologies’ rapid prototyping platform, and 80 more products with microbiome modulation potential are waiting in the wings.

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Seaweed trumps maize as biofloc substrate

By Lynda Searby

Scientists in Mexico have discovered that kelp is a better nucleation site than maize meal for developing biofloc, producing fish with a higher end weight and a lower feed conversion ratio (FCR).

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Eubiotics helping to ‘maintain normal’ in livestock production

By Lynda Searby

The use of eubiotics is on the rise in the feed industry, with growing interest in “maintaining normal” in livestock production systems, consumer preference for natural products and scientific advancements driving take-up, according to DBC Ag Products....

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Cargill: ‘Our goal is to be the leader in beef sustainability’

By Lynda Searby

Announcing its involvement in a new grasslands restoration project launched with Burger King, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and ranchers within the Northern Great Plains, Cargill has said its goal is to be “the leader in beef sustainability”.

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Austria's Delacon enters aqua market

By Jane Byrne

Delacon is looking to bring along a full phytogenic solution to aquaculture practices. It is entering the sector with a premixture, branded as Syrena Boost, that, it says, targets gut performance and productivity.

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