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Gut Health in Poultry

Gut Health in Poultry

Formulating diets to support intestinal health in birds

Many factors affect gut health, and subsequent performance, in poultry.

Feed quality, farm management and genetics can influence the gut microbiota in birds; strategies for optimal poultry gut health functioning thus are likely to be multi-factorial.

Following on from our previous forum on this topic in March 2017, we again ask the experts for their latest insights into the effect of feed ingredients on gut health in birds.

We will ask our panel about the mode of action of certain feed additives and why they may be effective in ensuring healthy broiler or layer development in the post-antibiotics era.


René Kwakkel René Kwakkel Programme Director BSc & MSc Animal Sciences, Associate Professor Poultry Nutrition
Wageningen University

Richard Ducatelle, PhD Richard Ducatelle, PhD Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Ghent University, Belgium

Tone Stigen Martinsen Tone Stigen Martinsen CEO and consultant
Bjørnerød Konsult AS

Ade Adebiyi Ade Adebiyi Poultry Nutritionist
AB Agri

Jane Byrne Jane Byrne Senior Editor